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Upgrades & Accessories

Halo laser systems to be configured and upgraded with many different options available. Some of these are shown bellow. These allow the already high performance of our products to be extended to allow for more specialised marking requirements, such as extremely high speed marking, marking large or awkward parts, vision systems that seamlessly integrate with the software for position checking or mark verification.

 Products in the Halo Range

   Halo H.S.G.H (High Speed Galvo Head)

The Halo HSGH galvo head offers greatly increased speed performance over the standard Halo galvo head. There is virtually no degradation in the quality of the mark as vector speed is increased.  The unit is Auto-tuning and uses the very latest DSP technology to get the absolute most from high accuracy galvos fitted.

This cost option is suited to applications where sensitive materials are being engraved or for high speed on the fly application. We will advise you wether we feel this upgrade is suitable for your particular application

  Rotary Axis

This option allows you to engrave radial parts, the HaloCAD software is very simple to program and anything that can be engraved on the flat can be put onto circular parts . The device has the option to angle the part being engraved as this allows access inside tubular parts. This is a very popular option and is a simple upgrade at a later date if required.

   Linear Axis X,Y,& Z

Linear motion that is fully controlled via the HaloCAD  software can be added as a cost option. This allows for a much larger marking area or automatic handling of different height parts.

   Digital Read Out (D.R.O)

A D.R.O can be used in conjunction with either manual or automatic linear axis. They can be useful for for fast and precise positioning.  

   Vision Systems

Optical Vision Systems can be used of many operations including part identification, automatic positioning, mark verification, & code checking. For example the camera can check the correct part has been place into the laser, then after the part has been marked the camera can read & verify the marked code for correct data information and position, and then signal if the part has passed its specified  criteria.

   Fume Extraction

BOFA’s Advantage 350 fume extraction and filtration system has been designed to provide a cost effective solution for light duty applications. This compact and extremely quiet system is ideal for use in schools, sign making workshops, small scale industrial environments and light laser coding applications. We offer a full range of fume extraction equipment and also sell any filters and consumables that may be required.