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Automotive Marking Applications

Laser Marking has many applications in the automotive sector, being able to directly part mark using no inks and having virtually maintenance free operation 24/7 is vital.

On virtually all of the materials used to produce a modern automobile a laser can be used to create a permanent a durable mark, this mark can be decorative or be used for the identification of the part for the life of the car.

Common Uses

Tesa laser marking tape

Day & Night Button Marking

Day & night laser marking of plastic parts is widely-used in automotive industry. The laser marker selectively removes specific paint layers from multi layer-coated transparent parts. The button can then be illuminated from behind allowing for use in darkened conditions. As the print process is digital it is a very simple process changing between different designs and languages. The process is fast, environmentally friendly, and clean. The same technology is used across a range of industries.

Label Marking and Cutting

Our lasers can be used to both mark and cut labels that have  excellent durability and high resistance to chemicals, fuels and solvents, temperature and all weather conditions. The high optical resolution and contrast enable a clear presentation of information, such as Company logos, date codes, and general information. The laser is able to firstly mark all the information and then seamlessly cut the label shape but leaving the backing intact. The label can simply be pealed and stuck.

Deep Engraving - VIN Plates

Due to the Wavelength of Fibre lasers it is possible to remove large amounts of material directly with the laser beam. This can be usefully for both decoration and identification. VIN plates and be marked quickly, efficiently with virtually no noise, a single laser can be used to replace older technology such as Dot Peen stamping and chemical etching.  The laser can also be used effectively for decorating parts to a very high standard adding both value and branding identity.

Deep Laser Engraving