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Bespoke Systems

Our in house expertise for designing and manufacturing bespoke solutions for almost any marking application allows us to meet the needs of our customers manufacturing specification in a professional, durable, cost effective and timely manner.

We will realise an application-specific laser systems for material processing integrating various Laser technologies, mechanical engineering, software.

Our systems can be equipped with process data collection for traceability and quality validity.

Our systems are all fully flexible to be standalone or integrated into a larger automated workflow system. Fitted with I/O for simple control or upgraded to full PLC control for added functionality.


Process Experience

Welding, cutting, foaming, marking of plastics, metals or other materials – we know almost all industrial laser processes with their benefits and possibilities.

Laser sources
2, solid-state, fiber or diode lasers, we can provide all of the decisive key technologies and cover the entire spectrum of industrial lasers.

Mechanical engineering
integration of machine, control concepts and work piece handling in industrial laser processes

Process Automation
Fully-automated laser process by integration of loading systems, pick and place systems and industrial robots.

Rotary Table Systems
Flexible solution for semi-automated production with exchangeable work piece fixtures. Fast and consistent laser process.

Conveyor Systems
Flexible solution for On-The-Fly production with continuous processes. Fast and consistent laser process due to integrated controllers.

The Modular Concept
Compact and fast all round systems - ideally suited for various component geometries. Round, 2D and 3D.

Laser Marking System, Halo Cube

 Products in the Halo Range