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Halo CO2 Lasers

CO2 Lasers are ideal for the marking of wood, glass & plastic products. With virtually no maintenance & extremely low operating costs but offering the highest speeds and reliability.

All our CO2 lasers are air cooled and can operate in the harshest of environments, the only services they require for most operations are a single phase wall socket. With a fast and reliable USB2 interface connecting the laser to the PC is simply a case of plug and play. With a true WISYWIG feature filled software package  setup times are minimal.

All aspects of the laser can be controlled from the software & a library of common material types and settings are also included making setup extremely easy.

Software Specifications

All our lasers use the same software platform that comes complete with a host of tools and features including

Marking Preview shows you exactly where your mark will be.

Laser Type  


Pulse Frequency


Temperature Range


Power Stability  

Beam Quality  

Supply Requirement



20-80 kHz

0.1 - 7000mm/Second

10-40°C Non  Condensing

10, 50, 80,100W


M² =2

100-240V 50/60 Hz

Marking  OTF