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Engineering Marking Applications

Laser Marking has many applications in the engineering sector, being able to directly part mark using no inks and having virtually maintenance free operation 24/7 is vital. Our lasers can engrave a vast array of materials commonly used in the engineering sector including, all metals (including alloys) , plastics, glass, ceramic, rubbers, wood, and composite materials.

Common Uses


Direct Part Marking

Our lasers can be used to directly mark the surface of most materials, the mark is both permanent and aesthetically pleasing.  The laser software is able to automatically create barcodes, qr-codes, data matrix and serial numbers. It is also able to import graphics in many industry standard formats including DXF , Adobe Illustrator,SVG & PLT files.

Round as well as Flat

Our lasers can be used to both mark flat and round parts, we can also handle unusual shaped parts and with the addition of a programmable z axis we can engrave parts with recesses or that have a requirement for engraving at different levels.

 We can also supply a programmable extension axis that allows larger parts to be engraved outside of the normal area allowed by the lens.