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OEM Marking Lasers

The OEM laser range includes both CO2 and fibre technologies, they are designed to be easily integrated into a range of work flow solution and applications by means of the built in I/O or via optional PLC. The OEM range has a wide choice of communication methods including, RS232, Ethernet, USB, SQL Database, XL data, Mail merge.

The OEMs are simple to operate and integrate with most purchasers being able to operate the device with less that 2 hours training, makes virtually no noise & requires practically no maintenance through out its entire life time.

They are designed, assembled, configured and tested in the UK, friendly and professional support is just a phone call away. You can come and see your machine being built, or try one out before you make the decision to purchase.

Our OEM lasers are compact in size but big on performance, fitted with high speed Galvos and the latest in fibre or CO2 laser technology you really need to try one before committing to buy from any other manufacturer.   

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Dimensions: 500 x 600 x 200mm

Weight:  20kg

Operating Conditions: 35°C Non Condensing

Power Requirements:  240/115 VAC 1kW

Marking Area mm²:  60²,100²,160²,250²

PC Operating Systems: Win XP,7,8 32-64bit

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 Products in the Halo Range

F Series data sheet for printer.pdf FIBRE
C Series data sheet for printer.pdf CO2